"The memories we make with our families are everything" - Candace Cameron Bure

My name is Irina Culic, I am a mom, wife and photographer from Kent, Uk.

I chose to do family photography because it represents me. Having my own little ones definitely helped getting those connections with the people I photograph. A family photographer has to have the understanding of how a child "works" . Having lived all the fussy, messy, funny or cute moments all parents experience with their kids, gives me the possibility to better sync with adults and children alike and to understand in which direction our photo shoot will go. Will it be a calm snuggly moment with lots of eskimo kisses, or will it be a running around and scouting for bugs and sticks kind of session? It could, of course be something completely unexpected, but that is just how life with kids works. I go to a photoshoot with no expectations of how it should go.

I will focus instead on capturing the way your family is in that very moment. Real life cannot be molded into perfect shapes. And after all, beauty lies in imperfection ❤

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